Charity Boxes
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Charity Boxes

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Charity Boxes
Cheap & Delivered

Charity Boxes


Charity boxes are a popular type of boxes which are used in almost all the charity organization, welfare bodies, churches and so on. These boxes are made with strong and durable material, with lid on one side, and a small hole on the other side to insert the coins and currency bills in it.

We make the charity boxes for your usage in which are completely customizable. These boxes can be made for you in any size, in any color, in any shape, in any design, as given by you or the pre-destined design and with any available material.     

As the charity boxes are to remain for a longer span of time, rather permanently, the stronger and durable material is used to make them. In most of the conditions, these boxes are placed outside in open air, subject to harsh weather conditions. The most popular material to make the charity boxes are wood, PVC plastic, metal or in hard cardboard in rare situations. These boxes are required to resist the water & moist, chilly winters, rainy season and the hot summers. Normally, these boxes are painted with CMYK basic and weather resisting colors. 

The text is printed on these boxes with CMYK basic colors. The images are rarely printed on the charity boxes. Some of the charity boxes may be printed with the images of the charity organization or the cause for the charity, e.g. image of the hospital, school, orphanage and so on. 

These cheap and strong boxes are shipped to your destination within Australia.

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