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Ballot Boxes

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Ballot Boxes
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Ballot Boxes


Ballot boxes, as the name suggests are those kind of packaging boxes which are made specifically for the purpose of collecting polls. The ballot boxes are designed in such a way that they must be able to provide protection to the polls while also keeping the votes private.

The custom ballot boxes are usually made in shapes like circular, square and rectangular boxes. The die-cut ballot boxes are usually available in your desired unique shape while the custom boxes can have your desired text on the packaging. Window packaging boxes are the most preferred type of as it has small opening on it to allow the customer to insert the vote in the ballot box.

The ballot boxes are usually made from plastic materials where the vinyl plastic is used for making this kind of boxes. The boxes must show the votes inside them but, they must not be able to reveal the contents of the vote. The cardboard ballot boxes are available which lets you get classic looking boxes which are also light weight and long lasting.

If you want your ballot boxes to look unique and different from others then you can add your logo or branding on the box by getting the boxes embossed or stamped. You might want to add protection to the boxes from scratches then you may add lamination in gloss or matte finish. You can also add shine to the boxes by using the foiling in gold or silver. The ballot boxes can be printed in your desired colors by using the full-color option where a texture of colors can also be added,


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